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Welcome to LJP Bucket List. This is a website for Luke James Peach to document and review everything on his Bucket List and hopefully inspire you to do your own!

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At the start of 2019, I was given a Facebook video that showed me everything I'd done in the previous year and all it showed was that I went to the pub, watched a bit of football and went to work. That made me feel like 2018 was a bit of a wasted year. After some research, I found a way to make the most out of life - a Bucket List!

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I get a lot of people asking me what it's like when I 'tick something off' the list. Be it a close-up elephant encounter, travelling to a new country or even what it's like to be at Crufts. Whenever I tick something off I review my experiences on this website and provide links to all the providers I have used. Check out my completed items!


Whenever I tick something off, I usually end up experiencing more than I bargained for. From feeding baby tigers to eating weird and wonderful dishes, I have recorded all of these extra experiences on this site. Maybe they'll make it on to your list.

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To help fund my Bucket List I've opened my very own online shop! All products are made to order and I'll be constantly adding to my products list. You can also donate money to my chosen charities.

Love all this Luke! Very inspiring!!

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