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Luke Peach

Owner of LJP Bucket List

"My goal with this site is to record my list, review my experiences, support my charities, sharpen my skills (website creation, blogging, video creation and social media) and inspire. One way I can help inspire people is to provide them with many different ways of creating their own bucket list. Sure, you can just do this yourself, it is just a list at the end of the day. However, if you want something a bit more snazzy, check out one of the options here. They are all FREE!"

Peeping Pug
Playing with Pencil

Need some help putting a list together? Want to turn it into a fun little game? Then download my free activity printouts and see if you can earn all your badges.


As you may be able to tell. I love dogs. I figured why should we have all the fun, when our four legged friends can take part in some great stuff too. If you've got a pooch you want to spoil, download this free Dog Bucket List kit.