Bonus experiences

I find when I tick something off my list, I end up doing a lot of cool extra stuff at the same time. So I created this part of my website to show you some of them. Who knows, they might even make it onto your list.


Eat an fish platter 

Mossel Bay South Africa

Before my trip to South Africa, my friends kept salivating over the idea of this place. When we actually got there and they brought out this 80cm wide platter (there was a sushi one as well) I nearly died! If you're a fish eater - check this place out.


Eat Crocodile 

Mossel Bay South Africa

On the menu in a beachfront restaurant in South Africa, you can order Crocodile which of course, comes with strawberries. Imagine eating some of that wafer-thin ham, but more... fishy. 


Urquhart Castle


Overlooking Loch Ness you'll find Urquhart Castle. (I can't pronounce it either). The visitors centre is of high quality and you can explore the ruins of it as much as you like. This is also where you can get fantastic pictures of yourself, arms out, embracing the Lochness winds.

Visit the Clootie Well

I was in the neighbourhood visiting Loch Ness and heard about this weird and wonderful place a short drive away. 

My girlfriend and I decided to give it a try and it turned into one of the most interesting parts of our trip. Long story short, you take a rag or piece of clothing, dip it in the water stream and hang it on the surrounding trees. You can read more about it here. If you go, keep an eye out for a bobble hat on the top of a tree. That's ours!

IMG_20191208_160033 (1).jpg

Meet Santa

Who would've thought! Deep in the Scottish Highlands at the visitors centre at Queen's view, we found Santa and only a few weeks before Christmas. He must've been doing a promotional tour or something.

Anyway, as we were the only people there at the time and the fact that we took his picture with the staff, he agreed to honour us with our own and satisfying both our needs for a new profile picture every Christmas for the foreseeable future.


Motionless In White Gig

An amazing band that my friend got me into. If you've never heard their songs and you like the type of music you'd hear at a Download Festival, check these guys out. One of the best bands I've ever seen live.



Queens View

Deep in the highlands of Scotland, after one of the windiest roads I'd ever driven on, you'll find the Queen's view. Queen Victoria claimed this view as her own owing to its beauty. They also had a visitors centre where I ate Haggis and we met Santa!

See a Scottish Highland Cow

We came across Robertsons Farm Shop. At the time we visited they had just taken in an orphan cow called Jamie. He was black instead of the usual ginger.


We got told that black is their normal colour. It was Queen Victoria who ordered farmers to breed them to be ginger because she liked that colour better. So Jamie is what you'd consider an original Scottish Highland Cow.


Sea Lion Island

A short 20-minute sail from a port in Mossel Bay South Africa, you'll find Sea Lion island. Surrounded by Great White Sharks, the Sea Lions lounge on this massive rock all day. They were very loud and they smelt very fishy. I even saw a Hammerhead shark swim by our boat!


Post Office Tree

In the middle of the Mosselbay Bay museum in South Africa, you'll find the Post Office Tree. A Navigator put a letter in his shoe and left it in the tree a long time ago. This was then discovered many years later and the tree remains a protected historical site. Read more.


Neolithic Houses

Just before you get the little bus to go see Stonehenge, you'll find these little huts which are pretty cool - but I wouldn't want to spend the night in one. 

I was on a family holiday in Cyprus for around 10 days in 2019. Pafos zoo, in my opinion, could do with a little investment as some of the enclosures looked a little worse for wear.


We decided to watch the bird show and as a surprise at the end, they brought out this little guy. His name was Shere Khan and for the price above, we all got a chance to feed and stroke him for a photo. He was lovely and may have been the highlight of my holiday. 

Feed a Baby Tiger

The Lochness Exhibition Centre 

Just to the side of Loch Ness, you'll find this interesting little place. It takes you back through time, through all the projects that have set out to find Nessie. You're left with little doubt at the end that she doesn't exist which was a little saddening, but it's interesting nevertheless. The gift shop's nice too!


Blue She Coffee Roastery 

Mossel Bay South Africa

I'm not a big coffee drinker, but my friend was, so we decided to check this place out as it had great reviews online. They had amazing cakes and a very wide variety of coffee to choose from (my friend had rose flavoured latte). Not only that it felt like I was in some sort of antique loft. There was thrones to sit on, old cars and boats parked up outside and loads of very old art. It's just a great place to visit. You can find them on Facebook here.

With the world slowly coming out of Lock down, we looked for more ways to get out of the house and keep our distance from people. My girlfriend loves flowers, so she found the Hitchin Lavender fields, just 20 minutes away. It's a sea of purple and if you go at the right time of year, there will also find a lot of sun flowers. You can also try Lavender lemonade and ice cream if you like. 

Lavender Fields

Eat Snails

I honestly thought I'd do this in France, but turns out in Carlsberg South Africa, they love it! Covered in as much cheese and garlic as possible, I can only describe them as cheesy, garlicky rubber. I'd order then again though.



Pellet Shooting

I'm working my way up to a proper firing range. When I did archery with a few friends, we also got given these difficult to load weapons for about 20 minutes. After comparing our target sheets, I'd say I would be semi-useful in a gunfight.