The Little Things

Little by little

Rule #2 of my Bucket List says to add the little things. Little things are something that you can do with little effort or investment. For example, taking part in an escape room experience. Doing that isn't difficult to arrange and doesn't cost the earth, so I class it as a little things for me. You might feel different, but either way, here's all my Little things that I've done so far:

The latest tick off!

#251 Create a peach cocktail - 06/06/2020

I've been sitting on this one for a while because I wanted to save it for a rainy day. Looking out the window today, I don't think it could get any rainier. So I got all the ingredients together and gave it a try. It tastes amazing and if I do say so myself, it has a good colour to it. If you want to try a peach cocktail, here's what you need:

  • A glass - duh

  • Ice

  • Peach Schnapps x 100ml

  • Peach Juice x 50ml

  • Cream Soda x 1 Bottle (use however much it takes to fill all but a couple of mm of the glass)

  • Cranberry Juice - only a dash at the end to get the colour, filling those last few mm



Make a Lemon Meringue Pie

I love Lemon Meringue Pie and I always wanted to make one. Turns out it's pretty easy and a great thing to do on a rainy day. If you want to follow the same recipe as me, check it out here.



Go to Hooters

A place that is well known for its chicken wings, beer and well... ladies. I never found myself anywhere near one until I went to South Africa. The girls are all lovely and the food was awesome. I'll go back and next time get a T-Shirt.

Luke Eating Five Guys


Eat Five Guys

I'm a McDonald's man so I never had a Five Guys before. I was told by friends it was amazing and if anything they sugar-coated it. I've never had a burger so incredible. That being said, you do get what you pay for because Christ is it expensive!



Go see NXT UK

I wanted to attend a live WWE event showcasing the UK specific brand. Whilst I didn't get to see a few names I wanted to, it was great to be part of the crowd and watch live wrestling. If you've never done it, give it a chance and go into it open-minded. You'll enjoy yourself.


Spend New Year’s in a city 

I'm one of those people that are in bed by 10 on NYs and enjoy the extra day off, but I felt I should at least try to do the big party in the city thing. So, on New Year's Eve I went with my girlfriend to Arcade in London. It has changed my view on New Years. The lights, the dancing, the atmosphere - it was just great. 



Make a website

You're on it! I have been in the Cyber Security/Web hosting industry for the last 7 years, and every part of it gave me the knowledge I needed to put this place together. Between how cool it is and it making money for charity, i'd say I've done a decent job.



Visit the Sherlock Holmes pub 

Not far from Trafalgar Square, you'll find the Sherlock Holmes pub. It has all sorts of Sherlock gimmick aspects, with artwork on the walls, the menu and even house ales called Sherlock and Watson. I'm not a big ale drinker, but I'm glad I gave them a try and i'll be going back for sure.


Visit the sky garden cafe

Our first date. I wanted to take her to somewhere memorable and my Bucket List provided the idea. At the top of the Walkie Talkie building in London, you can have a meal whilst overlooking the city. They have a beautiful garden up there and the food was brilliant. I was so nervous, I spilt water all over her, but I guess I did all right because she's still with me today. 

Escape Room Experience.jpg


Escape room experience

I still keep in touch with some friends from Secondary school, and four of us do our best to meet up every now and then and do some sort of activity. The first thing we did was an Escape Room experience in Bishops Stortford. I'd never done one before but it was really cool, and we did it in less than an hour. 



Trafalgar Square Lions

I was a little embarrassed to say I'd never actually seen these in person. I'd seen them on TV and knew they were just a few train stops away from Kings Cross, but I never had any reason to go. I honestly thought they'd be bigger, but they're still cool.


Do Archery 

I try to keep in touch with school friends. The Bucket List is a great way of doing it. Once every month or so we make sure we meet up and more often than not we end up ticking something off. One time we did a package deal for archery, shooting and axe throwing!


Enter Platform 93/4

I go to London a lot for work and always wanted to snap a picture. One day, the queue wasn't too bad, so whilst my girlfriend got a coffee, I leapt at the chance. #Ravenclaws



Black Mask Putty 

I saw a lot of videos online of people doing this and being in agony taking it off. It hurt a little I'll admit, but it wasn't that bad. It also made my skin feel great!


Become an Organ Donor 

It's free, quick and easy to do. I figured if something bad does happen to me, I can at least help someone else have a chance at finishing their list. Rule #3 Give Something Back. This will change soon to be an 'opt-out' system.


Get a Full Body Massage

At first, it felt like someone was just beating me up, but after a while, the magic kicked in. If you're stressed, treat yourself to a session. Afterwards, I felt lighter than air and was very happy!



Give snowboarding a try 

One of first things I did on my list was to try Snowboarding. It was cold, painful and hilarious. I don't think i'll ever do it properly, but that first lesson gave me the basics. It did make me want to learn how to ski though, as that looked a little more... stable.


Get my back waxed 

Yes, that is my back hair in the picture. Christine enjoyed herself for sure, but I didn't. It's like someone burned my back in a certain rectangle. It does hurt for only 20 seconds, but each seconds feels like a minute. I chickened out after two strips.


Get a new car 2019

Cars mean nothing to me unless they're a Ford Puma, and then they're everything! That meant i'd had the same car for six years. I made one of my first goals of this list, to get myself a new car in 2019



Learn how to DJ

Lucky for me, I work with some amazing people. The person next to me is a part-time DJ, so he brought in his equipment and taught me the basics. I'm pretty sure I could get through a set.

Southside Wrestling


Take my nephew to see wrestling

My nephew takes after his uncle with his love of wrestling. So, when an Indy promotion came to town, I got us some tickets. My sister came too, but she didn't enjoy it as much as us. Remember rule #8, include the people you love.



Chill with Churchill and Roosevelt

It's so random! They are just sitting in the middle of a High Street in London. Really would have liked to meet them both in person, but a selfie with their statue will have to do. They didn't say much but seemed to enjoy themselves.



Get a dream catcher 

  • Do I believe in them? I'm going to say no. However, I do think they look pretty cool :)



Create a peach cocktail

A glass - duh


Peach Schnapps x 100ml

Peach Juice x 50ml

Cream Soda x 1 Bottle (use however much it takes to fill all but a couple of mm of the glass)

Cranberry Juice - only a dash at the end to get the colour, filling those last few mm)