Make your own list

My goal with this site is to record my list, review my experiences, support my charities, sharpen my skills (website creation, blogging, video creation and social media) and inspire. One way I can help inspire people is to provide them with many different ways of creating their own bucket list. Sure, you can just do this yourself, it is just a list at the end of the day. However, if you want something a bit more snazzy, check out one of the options here. They are all FREE!

Digital Downloads


Bucket List Kit

Create your own list

If you want a more fun and a more hands on way of creating yourself a list, then download this FREE kit I've knocked up. It allows you to break your list up into six categories, allowing you to record up to 90 items! It even includes a badge reward system and give you somewhere to record your experiences with photos and journal entries. 



Kits for kids

Eventually, I will have created a Bucket List kit more aimed at children. These will include less items, more activities and a bit more fun!


A Dog's Life Kit

Kits for Dogs

Dogs can have Bucket Lists too! Whilst I grant you they won't be the ones filling this out, it will be a nice activity to do to make sure your pooch experiences the most out of life.