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Here you'll find all the latest news about my Bucket List, including the latest tick offs, changes to the website and any other fun stuff I'm doing. Along with direct links to my Social Media pages and YouTube channel.





The first create your own list material is up!


I have a few ideas to help people create their own lists, like a listing tool to allow people to build their lists online, an App (yes an App!) and a few materials people can download and do as an activity. Today my first set of materials became available for free download and so far the feedback has been great! Give it a try here.

100 Likes on Facebook!


The LJP Bucket List Facebook page reached it's first milestone, in getting 100 Likes! That's 99 more than I ever honestly expected.

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The Blog goes live!


Apparently, one of the best ways to get more visitors to your site, is to blog about your chosen topic. I launched the blog today with the first two entries, one by me and one by a great writer, Victoria Bucknell. They've both got great reviews already (my one even made my sister tear up).

I take card now!


Thanks to some great feedback from people visiting the site, I managed to make secure card payments possible on my shop. Now people can donate or buy something from both PayPal or by Card. Thank you for all the feedback guys, with your help, who knows how good this place can become.

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LJP Bucket List Facebook

Page and Twitter account created


I felt a bit bad for my friends on Facebook and Twitter seeing me non stop posting about my Bucket List, despite how proud I am of it. So I created a Facebook page and Twitter account so only the people who want to keep up to date on it, can. That being said, I'll probably still share the odd post from the pages to help get some extra likes!

.COM is mine!


The internet is a massive place, but despite there being a domain name extension for everything now, people still mainly use the traditional .CO.UK or .COM. To help as many people find this site as possible, I managed to register and automatically forward people here, and all for less than £4.

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The LJP Bucket List

YouTube Channel Launches!


After getting all the right equipment, software and teaching aspects together, and a little help from some online designers, the LJP Bucket List Channel was officially born. My first video is the opening entrance theme I plan to use at the start of all my videos. The channel will feature Bucket List advice and discussion topics, as well as video footage of me ticking things off. Please Like, Share and Subscribe!