A letter to my Grandchildren

Whilst a Bucket List has been put in a good light by this website, it does have a rather morbid undertone. The whole death thing can be a bit of a downer. Often

people ask me if I think I will actually tick everything off before my time comes. To be honest, the answer I give them is "I hope so". One thing that is for sure, is that I will not have ticked anywhere near half of these things off if I did not start this little project of mine, and that, is enough for me.

When I saw my own Grandad not too long ago, he was in the middle of writing his memoirs. I am impressed he can remember so well at his age. (That is a compliment Grandad). Mainly because my own memory is bad enough already and I’m only 28! That has spurred me on to write this open letter to my Grandchildren just in case their Grandad has trouble remembering.

To clarify, I don’t even have children yet. That being said, I do hope to one day and hopefully that means I can be a Grandad a little further down the line as well. So here it is, my letter the future Peach grandchildren:


Hello Kids or Kid (I don’t know how many of you there will be),

I hope you’re taking care or your Nan and your parents. I hope you’re happy with whatever you're doing in life and that I helped contribute to that in some way. If you aren’t happy, then take it from your 28-year-old grandad – the only thing stopping you, is you. If you’re reading this, then that means either a record of my Blog or even my whole website is still going in some way shape or form and that would make me very happy indeed.

A couple of things to get out the way:

  • I hope Pokemon are still around in your time. Know that your Grandad was (or still is!) a Pokemon Master!

  • What Star Wars Episode are you on? Episode nine just got released a few months ago. I wonder if they’ll be on something stupid like episode 25 by the time you’re growing up. Your Great Grandad loved Star Wars, I often think the only reason my name was Luke was after Luke Skywalker.

  • Oh, and did Tottenham ever win a trophy? God, I hope so. (Side note, you better not be Arsenal, Chelsea or Westham supporters, keep the family support going!)

Anyway kid(s), I wanted to write this letter to you to do three things:

1) Show you how awesome your Grandad was in his prime

2) To inspire you

3) Get all mushy at the end – so grab some tissues depending on the circumstances of you reading this!

Right then, how kick ass was your Grandad? Well as I write this, it’s May 2020 (just when the COIVD-19 Pandemic started to ease). I’m 18 months into my whole Bucket List adventure and I’ve ticked off 40 things. I’ve been dating your Nan for only 9 months at this point (she will tell you we started officially dating in December, which makes it only 6 months, but she's wrong, as our first date was in September) and I can honestly say she’s making me a better person. So, always listen to your Nan. The last four months, the countries been in lock down, so we haven’t been able to have many adventures, but it did give me the chance to get a website, a YouTube channel and write this letter to you. As soon as Lock down is over though, we’ll be going to Ireland, Paris and the Philippines and continue ticking things off.

On my list so far I’ve completed a Tough Mudder (which is basically a marathon in the mud), I’ve gone to countries like Scotland, South Africa and India and I’ve even done little things like learn how to make a Lemon Meringue pie and experienced a back wax (it hurts – don’t do it!). It’s been amazing (with the exception of the back waxing – seriously, it hurts!)

Kids, I can’t tell you how much this whole thing gave me a new outlook on life. Every weekend, every holiday, every evening I’m not at work, I’m planning, doing or looking for the next thing. It’s not just a tick box exercise either. When I do these things, I am loving every second of it. I wish I started this even sooner than I did. When you always have something to look forward to, the struggles of day to day life, don’t seem so hard anymore and all your worries or issues take a back seat for that time. It’s great. I’m not saying you should write your own Bucket List, that’s up to you, but I am saying, find something that helps you live your life this way. Know, that wherever I am, or whatever state I am in, when I was younger, I made the most out of it. If by some chance I didn’t tick some thing off, it would make me feel a little better knowing that a part of me did – so if there’s something on my list that I haven’t done that you can, do it for me – and have a great time doing it.

Lastly kids, know that myself and your nan, your parents and even your great grandparents and even your great great grandparents (blimey, even your great aunties and uncles too), who I hope you know about, love you all very much and no matter where we are, or what you’re doing, we’re supporting you.

Oh, two more things:

  1. Look after your Nan for me if I am not around or able to. She is pretty much convinced we’ll go out together, but if that doesn’t happen, call her more often or take her with you when you go out for the day. She will love every second of it. She also says, “please don’t put me in a home.”

  2. Your Nan always tried to get me to do Sky Diving. If (hopefully) she failed to do that I did say to her that when I am gone, that someone can take my ashes up and jump out with me. If you have not inherited your grandads fear of jumping out of a plane – lets do this!

This may not be the last letter I write to you, but it will always be the first. If it is the one and only, then well, I’m proud of you, I’m proud of our family and I’m proud of everything I’ve done – including having a role in bringing you into this world.

Lots of Love