Before the Bucket Volume One

Before my life became enriched by the idea of writing things down and then doing them (I know, what an amazing idea!), I did do some really exciting things. It's probably why my list hasn’t reached the 500 items mark yet.

This blog allows me to show off five of the things I did before my Bucket List was written, and as the title suggests, it is going to be a reoccurring series!

Aren’t you all lucky.

The Doctor Who Experience

I do not care if you think this is nerdy or childish. When the Doctor was played by David Tennant/Matt Smith, I was a Whovian.

I knew everything about the show, and everything I had was related to Dr Who in some way. I had a Sonic Screwdriver universal remote control for my TV, DVDs coming out of my ears and every piece of clothing I had was branded with the Tardis or something similar. To this day, I still have a retro Tardis shoulder bag.

My Mum and Dad recognised this, so for my birthday one year, they paid for me (and them) to go to the Dr Who experience in London. It was around the time David Tennant (my favourite) had just regenerated and Matt Smith just completed his first season as the Time Lord.

The actual ‘Experience’ was really for kids, rather than over-enthusiastic teens, but I did get to walk around the Tardis and fight off the Daleks. Then we got to look at all the memorabilia and set designs from the show. There was even a green screen that allowed me to be the Doctor, for a split second.

Sadly, my enthusiasm for Doctor Who went when Matt Smith stepped down and I haven’t really watched much since, other than the odd Capaldi episode, which does make me a little sad.

I guess I was a different person back then. However, to quote the Doctor himself:

‘We all change when you think about it. We’re all different people all through our lives. But that’s good you’ve got to keep moving, as long as you remember all the people you used to be…’

The London Eye

I’ve actually done this a few times. The most recent was at least four years ago when my flatmate and I took a day trip to London.

In essence, it’s a big ass Ferris wheel – that you only get to go round once. For that pleasure, you also have to fork out up to £40 for adults and £34 for a child. I know that makes it sound boring and pricey but here are the pluses:

  • You do get to see pretty much all of London from the top, that includes, the Shard, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the House of Commons.

  • It’s right next to other things like the London Aquarium so you can make a day of everything.

  • You can watch over the Thames – I swear I saw a seal once.

  • You can say you have done it.

The London Eye is just one of those world landmarks you should go and see at least once. Whilst it will not fill you with excitement or be the best thing you do in London. It will be something to write home about.

Top Golf

I am NOT an athlete - I said this in a previous blog.

More specifically this time, I am NOT a golfer.

I cannot swing with enough power and just watching someone else do it makes my back hurt. That being said, I do live only a stones throw away from Watford Top Golf, which is essentially a driving range, with mini-golf and a bar. I’ve been a few times with friends and colleagues, and each time it has been a laugh. I’ve never managed to win, but I give it a good go, and the fact I can turn around, eat a burger and drink a beer* does make for a good evening or afternoon's entertainment.

If you’re at a loss for a random activity to do with your evening or weekend, get yourself down there, and give it a go. You can even hire a professional to teach you and they have a golf shop, so if you get completely hooked, you can spend upwards of £1k on a set of sticks.

(*I don’t like beer, I’m more of a Rum man)

Go Karting

I work for a great company.

One that does summer and Christmas events to help with team bonding etc. I think it’s because of this, a lot of colleagues are more like friends to me, even after moving from one area of the business to another.

We've done many things, from a garden party, Go Ape adventures and even White-Water Rafting (I fell in and nearly drowned whilst everyone saved the receptionist).

However, one thing that I probably enjoyed the most, was Go Karting. I’m a big lad, so I wasn’t winning any races, but it was pretty fun watching everyone be so competitive and try and run colleagues off the track. I was very sweaty that day too.

I didn’t pay for it, but looking to arrange other things outside of work suggests it can be as little as £15pp, and that’s pretty good to just race your mates and have a laugh.

Either way, if you’ve never ‘Go Karted’, get it on your list. It’s a fun afternoon out with your mates and at the very least, you’ll get to see what it’s like for Mario every time you play Mario Kart.

Swim with Dolphins

I’ve seen this on loads of peoples' lists and to be honest, the only reason why it’s not on mine is that I did it when I was a kid, and it was such a great experience that I don’t need to do it again! It may have been a long time ago, but I remember every second of it. I was amazed at how deep the water was and how gentle they were. I remember the feeling of hugging one and having one drag me from one side of the aquarium to the other – it was amazing. ​ Looking back, I do think in some cases it can be seen as a cruel thing, keeping dolphins (or any animal) in captivity, and making them hug chunky British kids for money. ​ On the one hand, some people say that dolphins enjoy human interactions and they treat it as “playtime”, and on the other, there are places that suggest the dolphins actually get very stressed out by human interaction which is then managed through medication. I guess when I did it, I can claim on the side of being an ignorant child in a time when that sort of thinking wasn’t getting the focus it deserves. Either way, you can make up your own minds. You can now swim with wild dolphins in certain countries and some in captivity are very well looked after nowadays – I guess it all depends on who you are and where you go. ​ All I will say is, when I was a kid, this was incredible, and my thanks go out to my family, the people at the aquarium and of course those dolphins that gave me this memory.

Looking back, I've done a lot of cool stuff, so expect to see volume two of this blog in the next few weeks. For now, though, I hope this enlightened you to a few more things you can put on yours. Happy Bucket Listing!