Inverness or Outverness?

Luke: ‘Babe, I loved Inverness, we should move here’

Christine: ‘It is lovely, we should, but maybe it should be our retirement plan?’

Luke: ‘Yes! When we retire, we’re coming here'

We spent four days in Inverness over a long weekend and saw enough to reach the above conclusion. It’s certainly Inverness and not Outverness in our books. In all honesty, if work would let us both work from Scotland, we’d probably be there now. I had never been to Scotland before, but I knew that I wanted to do several things in and around Inverness. In December 2020, we decided to get away for the weekend, drive across the highlands and see the sights and what a weekend it was.

Why am I so high on Inverness? Let me list them for you:

· The People – Everyone we encountered, be it the airport staff, the BnB place we stayed, the public we met at the pubs and local places we visited – all of them were so friendly and welcoming.

· The views – particularly in the highlands. We rented a Renault Captur (an amazing car btw, and the reason I have one at home right now) and drove from Inverness to Falkirk. The views just from behind the wheel were enough to bring a tear to the eye. We stopped at Queen’s view and several other places just to take it all in.

· The tourist spots. We’ll get to these in a second.

· The properties. Every house, even the small hidden away ones were either surrounded by amazing scenery or just looks so homey. A quick check on a few estate agents as well really raised the eyebrows. For what we pay for 3 bedroom house down in Bedfordshire, we could essentially buy a hotel in Inverness.

· The food – We had breakfast, lunch, and dinner in whatever was recommended locally, and ‘OH MY GOD’ was it good. The first night, we went to a well-recommended seafood grill which served us up more muscles than I could imagine and a Seaford bisc to die for. (turns out certain fish doesn’t agree with me, but the 30 minutes on the toilet was definitely worth it).

· The peacefulness of it all – The entire time we were there, it was quiet. On the road, out shopping, and even at all the touristy spots. We found ourselves whispering just to make sure we didn’t ruin it.

Here are some other things I recommend you do whilst in Inverness.

1) Go to Loch Ness and Everything that surrounds it

2) Drive through the Highlands and stop wherever you can

3) Kelpies in Falkirk

4) See some Scottish Highland Cows

5) Eat and drink everything