Men that should marry me

When Luke said I could contribute a list to his website, he made the very terrible mistake of allowing me to pick my own topic. And as I grow ever closer to my fourth decade (calm down, I’m only 27, but 30 is creeping towards me), I’ve begun to think about just which men would be happy to be married to me and I’ve come up with the below eight. Believe me, there are at least…39 men that should marry me.

#1 Tom Hiddleston Clearly had to be number one. There’s nothing about us that wouldn’t make us the perfect couple. And plus I saw him on stage last year and let me tell you – he’s even more beautiful in person. Now…make it happen.

#2 F. Scott Fitzgerald A very debonair and charismatic American author who specialised in the flamboyance of the Jazz Age. Not a fan of the smoking though. But I am a fan of the blonde curls.

#3 Captain James Nicholls A handsome young British cavalry officer from World War 1. He is a very kind and considerate man who looks very dashing in an army uniform

#4 Loki Laufeyson Otherwise known as the “God of Mischief” – some call him a villain, but he’s really just misunderstood. And anyone who looks that good in leather is definitely a God in my eyes.

#5 Adam Okay so technically Adam is a vampire which I suppose makes him technically dead. But just look at that face. As long as you can gloss over the whole ‘drinking blood’ issue, he really looks like the perfect date. And he can play the guitar, so what’s not to like.

#6 Dr Robert Laing I mean, firstly, he is a doctor. A doctor of what, I’m not sure. But saying you’re married to a doctor always sounds a bit fancy. And he’s clearly…well not good…at DIY, but at least he tries.

#7 Sir Thomas Sharpe Do I really need to explain this one? Yes he’s a bit creepy and a bit ghostly, but he sure looks damn fine in a waistcoat. Yes I’m that shallow.

#8 Hank Williams A young talented country singer. He has his own demons to battle, but I’ll tell you what isn’t one of his demons – being able to look mighty fine in a Stetson.

I know, I know. I know what you’re thinking. How can I possibly marry eight obviously different men at the same time? Well dear reader, I am willing to take up the challenge and I’ll report back.

Now, why have I marked myself down as anonymous? Well I’ll tell you. Clearly, when Tom Hiddleston does decide he wants to marry me, I can’t have him coming across this and seeing me lusting after seven other men now can I?

I feel like I should make this Bucket List relevant...

Getting married is on a lot of people's Bucket Lists. I don't think many people have it on their list to marry a celebrity but you know what they say:

'Think big, dream big, believe big and the results will be big'

I wish you good luck anonymous blogger and I've sent a link of this blog to Tom's page for you.