The Hurdle of Durdle

Durdle Door. It’s a place not many people have heard of but a lot of people (particularly in the UK) have seen. It’s used to symbolise a lot of natures beauty in England.

Durdle Door is located in Devon England and is essentially a cliff thats got a hole in it. That description doesn’t do it much justice though. It’s a truly beautiful place to visit, especially when the suns out.

There’s a few options for approaching Durdle Door. You can attend the campsite literally just behind it and do the short walk down to the beach or you can do what we did and park, pay and display about a 30 minute walk away at Lulworth Cove. After a brisk walk up a hill and avoiding the various cow pats along the way you’ll end up at the campsite.

It’s a bit if a steep walk down, so wear appropriate shoes and maybe avoid taking a dog that pulls on the lead! There’s plenty of photo opportunities as you go down, but the best is on the beach itself.

Do not expect a white sandy beach. It’s actually, just sinking stones and it’s hard to get your footing. Despite this, you’ll find you’re not alone amongst the pebbles. When we went, hundreds of people were sunning themselves and having a laugh in the cold British waters.

In terms of refreshments, there’s some food stands and toilets at the campsite and a full on visitors centre at Lulworth cove car park. Whilst you’re there, it’s worth checking out the cove. There’s some really good eating places serving things like mussels, ice cream, homemade candy floss and lobster/crab burgers. You can also pay £15 per person and get yourself on a boat trip that will take you up the Jurassic coast and then out to see for ‘some fun’. We gave that a miss because we had Hugo with us, but it gives us an excuse to go back someday.

Overall it was a lovely 4 hour experience that could’ve easily been longer. If it’s a nice day and you find yourself in this part of the UK, you won’t regret your choice to visit Durdle. Even if you just want a nice coast walk with your pooch and loved one.