We dared and we did

#306 Tottenham Hotspur Skywalk

Website: https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/the-stadium/visitor-attractions/the-dare-skywalk/

Cost: £21 Per Person (Price from 2022)

Having a Bucket list makes it easier for people to know what to get you for your birthday every year, especially if you have the little things (Rule #2). For my 30th Birthday my sister had a scan of my list and decided to get me two tickets to complete the Tottenham Hotspur’s ‘The Dare Skywalk’.

What is it?

Tottenham Hotspur, at the time of writing, has the most expensive and modern football stadium in the world and as other Bucket list items on this site will show you – I am a Tottenham Fan. Some of the features of this stadium include:

- A retractable pitch with an NFL ground underneath

- An onsite Brewery

- A ‘Tunnel’ viewing area to see the teams line up

- An 86.8m long bar

- And on non-match days, they off the Dare Skywalk.

The Dare Skywalk in an opportunity to walk up the side of the stadium to the roof and then walk out and touch the iconic Spurs Cockrill that stands watch over the pitch.

Is it for me?

If you fear heights, can’t handle a steep incline or not really a fan of Tottenham, then this may not be for you. Whilst you are secure the entire way, there is a moment when you walk out over the pitch on a GLASS FLOOR with NO GUARD RAIL. Walking up the side of the stadium involves a very steep hill climb. I recently climbed Snowdon and let me tell you, the Tottenham Skywalk ascension, although shorter, was way steeper than the route I took up the Welsh mountain. Also, if you’re not a fan of Tottenham, the experience is still good, but I think it means more if it’s your club.

Tips for the experience

  • Don’t worry about shoes of coats. To make sure everyone has the right gear, they give you a pair of climbing shoes and something to keep you warm.

  • The go up no matter the weather* so don’t think a little rain is going to get you out of it

  • There is a weight limit of 21 stone

  • Trust the safety gear, it is almost impossible for you to fall to your death

  • Do not expect a life defining experience. At the end of the day, you go on the roof of a building and take some pictures.

  • If you want to make the most of your experience, combine it with either a Stadium Tour or an Abseil type thing down the side of the stadium.

  • The Skywalk lasts a couple of hours max, and that includes the safety brief.

*Unless there’s like a hurricane or something

The Experience

Getting to White Hart Lane for me was a couple of short train over ground train journeys via Finsbury Park and Seven Sisters. From there, you are basically dropped off right outside the stadium. You should look to get to the stadium around one hour before your allocated time. If you’re late, they may go up without you and if you’re early, you may be able to squeeze into any earlier slot – so it’s a win either way. Plus, if you’re early you can have a wonder around the club shop or grab a coffee at ‘The M’ (Tottenham’s Equivalent to Starbucks).

When you sign in you will be asked to complete a Waiver form (you can do this in advance online if you want to) – basically saying you’re fit and healthy enough to do it and won’t sure if you die yada yada. You’ll then be asked to put all your valuables in a free locker, you just must remember what 4-digit code you assign to it. You are allowed to take your phone up with you for photos, but you have to give it to your guide who then gives it back to you at the safe zones. Otherwise, nothing should be in your pockets.

You then get taken through to the cloakroom. A bit like a bowling alley, you take off your shoes and hand it in to receive a set a walking shoes. If the weather is bad, you’ll get given a jump suit or a body warmer. When everyone in your group is suited and booted, they take you through to a viewing room for your safety and intro video. It can be summed up with ‘Tottenham’s awesome, don’t be an idiot or you’ll die’. You’re then grabbed by your guide – we had Ashley from Australia. She took us to the base of the stadium and hooked us up to the safety equipment and re-iterated some of the dos and don’ts before we started our journey to the top.

As you enter the stadium the first thing to great you are a green screen where you get 3 or 4 photos which can be bought later at the end of the experience from the Tottenham shop. Then, the climb begins. A few hundred stairs take you up passed the outer design of the stadium. Your guide provides you with facts about the old stadium and why the design is the way it is. Quite interesting, but I won’t spoil it. Eventually, you come to the halfway point, where the stairs stop, and the incline begins. Your guide will then put the least comfortable climber at the front of the group, so they are close to them and one by one, you are added to the safety rail.

If you can keep your breath you have about a two-minute climb to the top which allows you a brief look out over the London skyline as you climb. No photos are allowed at this point, which was a little sad, but it was such a steep and quick walk, nobody really complained. When you get to the top you get to the main safety deck. This is a fenced off area at the top of the stadium where you can purchase drinks and get your first photos with your phones. The edge of the stadium has London monuments sketched into it, so you can see a bit of a description of what sights you can see. These include the Shard and Olympic Park.

Then comes the best part of the experience. Your guide will line you up for the walk around the Cockrill and warn you about what you’re about to do. She explained the different tactics that the Tottenham players used to get around. There’s the Winks – which is someone who holds on tight and doesn’t look down, at all. The Tanganga, which is someone who is hunched and goes one hand over the other and then there’s the ‘Sonny’ who does hold on, jumps up and down and smiles. I chose to do the Winks, but didn’t mind the odd glance down. As we got to the tip we could reach out and touch the Cockrill, it was an amazing moment. Our guide then made us stand there whilst she gave us Tottenham facts for about 5 minutes. It was a cruel but funny moment. She also let us demonstrate the acoustics of the stadium, by shouting Come on your spurs and GOAL! Which did demonstrate how great the stadium design is for football and concerts alike.

You then get to have photos with the Cockerill before looping back round to the safe zone. Another 15 minutes of photo taking and sight seeing then leads to you coming back the way you came and essentially doing all the prep stuff but in reverse.


Overall, it was a great experience and a worthy place on the Bucket list for me. The guide added to the experience by being very positive and focused on safety. I do strongly recommend you get some cardio in before going as your experience is quite short and you don’t want to waste 10 minutes trying to catch your breath. Don’t get me wrong It’s not something I’m itching to do again, but I would like to take my dad up there at some point. If you’re a spurs fan, get yourself a ticket over the summer and have a great day out.