What’s what, at Diddly Squat?

The greatest farm shop… In the world?

One of the most popular series on Amazon Prime in 2021 was ‘Clarkson‘s Farm’. For those of you that are yet to see it, Jeremy Clarkson (The Grand Tour and former Top Gear presenter) bought a farm some years ago. The person who looked after it for him retired so he thought, how hard can farming be? As it turns out, quite hard. The series follows him, his girlfriend, his lawyer and his new friends on his farming adventures.

One of his ingenious ideas to help make the farm more profitable was to set up his own farm shop. Selling the fruits of his many labours throughout the show. This includes:

Bee Juice (a.k.a Honey)

Cow Juice (a.k.a milk)

Scented candles






Pretty much anything you’d find in a normal farm shop. Just with Jeremy’s twist. I won’t spoil the show too much, but as you can imagine, visiting this shop has become something of a must for any of Clarkson’s fanbase. Much to the well documented hatred of the residents of the Cotswold.

Jeremy has done a lot to the place since the first season ended. The back of the shop now has a shipping container that’s been turned into a bar and to help ease congestion, a pop up version selling some of the most popular merchandise can be found right outside.

Would I recommend going to this place? Yes, if you’re a die hard fan of Jeremy’s you’ll want to make sure you stop by. If you’re just a casual fan or even just a little bit interested I would recommend waiting. One of two things will happen in my opinion. Either the hype will eventually die down and you can visit it when it’s less busy (and probably have a better experience) or Jeremy will do what he normally does and go bigger. There’s lttle notes posted all over the shop with comments from the man himself. One of them says something along the lines of, I‘m from Yorkshire so don’t like spending money, but I’m aware the shop will need to be more to cope with demand.

So, if you bide your time, the shop may just end up being bigger and better. Overall Jeremy if you ever read this, thank you for the show and for the shop, it was a great. I’ve tried your bee juice, it’s amazingly sweet. Good luck filming season two.