My Rules

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"There is a saying that rules are made to be broken, but I try my best to stick to these ten when completing my Bucket List. I’m not saying you need to as well, but I find sticking to this list helps me keep going. Have a read and if you think they make sense, try applying them to your own list"

Luke Peach

Owner of LJP Bucket List



Ignore the naysayers

When I first started my Bucket List and began talking to my friends and family about it, there was of course love and support, but there was also a lot of doubt. I won’t name and shame them, but I had friends taking polite jabs on social media when I ticked something off, had people say, ‘you’ll never do that’ or even flat out saying ‘this is stupid’. So, I made the rule to simply ignore them. Since then those same naysayers have seen what great things I’ve done and are starting to change their tune.


Add the little things

I have no doubt a lot of people will have the big obvious things on their list. Go to Australia, swim with whale sharks or see the Northern Lights, but those things are massive and take a lot of money and time. The thing that’s kept my list going for so long is it’s never lost momentum. So, when I wrote my list, I made sure that I wouldn’t just add the big ones, I’d include little things like learning how to make a lemon meringue pie or completing a film scratch-off poster. Those are two cool things that I want to do and at the end of the day, this is just a list of things I want to do!



Give something back

I wanted to make sure that when I do certain things on my list, like run a marathon or have an elephant experience, I do it for charity or with a giving concept behind it. This could be as little as making sure I spend money in a sanctuary gift shop, donate some money to a cause or even get sponsored by my friends and family. It just makes whatever the experience is you’re doing feel even better in my opinion.


Celebrate every tick off

Nice and easy this one. Take pictures, post out on social media, update your family and friends to celebrate ticking off even the smallest thing. Not only do you get to look back at these, but you may also inspire others to do something similar. You may even find a few people that see what you’ve done and help you take it one step further. I’ve found just by doing this, more doors open for you.



Watch your funds

One that will no doubt be on everyone’s mind. The key to this one is planning and saving, don’t take out credit cards or loans to tick anything off your list, set yourself savings targets with a tick box in mind and go for it. This is why the little things in rule #2 are so important. Whilst you’re saving for that trip to Australia, you can invest £20 one weekend to learn how to make a lemon meringue pie and keep the momentum going.


It's your list

Always remember this list is yours. Do not be pressured in adding or taking something off unless you feel you’ve come to the decision yourself. We’re all different and have our own things we want to get out of life. Loads of people tell me I should put skydiving on my list, but there is no force on earth or heaven that will get me to do that. I am just utterly petrified of the idea. That being said, a lot of my ideas are suggestions that people have made that I agree would be good, all I’m just saying is, keep your list as YOUR list.



Don't do and then add

If you do something random with a friend one day like go quad biking, and quad biking wasn’t on your list beforehand, don’t add it and then tick it off. I have no doubt it was a good thing to do, but by doing this your list might end up losing its excitement. I’ll admit I’m guilty of this on one entry to my list and that was ‘Go to India’. It was a business trip with work that I added because of the amazing experience it was. However, afterwards, I put this rule into place because I didn’t want the rest of my list to be less exciting.


Include the people you love

I’ve seen on some other lists ‘make my family happy’ – but what does this mean? I decided to take it down an extra level and made sure I add things to my list that will include my family. For example, my sister loves Orangutans, I do too, but she’s another level. So, I figured, why not make it my goal to do an Orangutan experience and include my sister. That would certainly make her happy.



Don't rush

The idea of a Bucket List is to create a list of things you want to do/have whilst you’re alive. I wrote mine when I was 27, so barring some tragedy I have plenty of time left to tick off a lot from my list. I’m not rushing around booking things left right and centre because what if I ticked everything off in 5 years?! Can I just die then? Take your time, enjoy your whole life.


Do some research

When you put things on your list, don’t let that be the end of it until you look down your list next time to plan things. Do some preliminary research to find out some specifics, like time, prices and how it can be done. That way when you come to review your list and decide on your next move, you can already refer to something.